CD ON OUR WAY – Magic Mantras van Liselotte Goed

Five enchantingly beautiful mantras to enjoy listening, to sing together from your heart or to play along with on your uke. Original music with centuries-old sacred Sanskrit lyrics performed by Liselotte Goed on the ukulele and singing in an insanely beautiful collaboration with guitarist and producer Laurens Joënsen. The CD comes with a booklet with the ukulele chords for easy playing. But if you no longer have a CD, you can also download the booklet and listen to the album on Spotify.



Listen to five excerpts from the CD/EP On Our Way – Magic Mantra’s by Liselotte Goed

This is the Om namah shivaya mantra from the online Magic Mantra Membership where we’ll teach you how to play it. Available now in english : )

Magic Mantra Membership (english)

Yes! It’s finally there, the english translation of the Magic Mantra Membership many of you have been waiting for…

Treat yourself to a year of inspiration and guidance to learn how to play the most beautiful mantras on the ukulele. As a Magic Mantra Member you get direct online access to videos and of 24 beautiful mantras that you can learn to play at your own level. From very simple stunning or less simple and equally stunning. Learn the meaning of a mantra and when to use it. In addition, we play and sing together every last Sunday of the month from 10 am-11am during a live webinar that is only available to members.

You will find your online membership when you log in to your account page in the menu under ‘workshops’.

Note: our website and webshop is not yet fully translated in english, if you need any assistance filling out your data and getting accesss, do not hesitate and ask. We’re very happy to help you out, simply email us at




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