CD ON OUR WAY – Magic Mantras van Liselotte Goed

Five enchantingly beautiful mantras to enjoy listening, to sing together from your heart or to play along with on your uke. Original music with centuries-old sacred Sanskrit lyrics performed by Liselotte Goed on the ukulele and singing in an insanely beautiful collaboration with guitarist and producer Laurens Joënsen. The CD comes with a booklet with the ukulele chords for easy playing. But if you no longer have a CD, you can also download the booklet and listen to the album on Spotify.



Listen to five excerpts from the CD/EP On Our Way – Magic Mantra’s by Liselotte Goed

This is the Om namah shivaya mantra from the online Magic Mantra Membership where we’ll teach you how to play it. Soon available in english : )

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