In our everyday life Liselotte is a yoga intstructor and Barbara is a writer/ creative director. We have met each other in the summer of 2015 and started playing the ukulele together and didn’t stop ever since. For us the ukulele was a true discovery; we love its sound, its versatility, its looks and its simplicity. It’s a real instrument that’s real easy to play. We were so called uked; hooked on the ukulele.

We started giving workshops, we import our own ukuleles from Portugal (the country the ukulele came from right before it was called a ukulele) all with great joy and succes. To meet the demands we have expanded our team with 6 great trainers to fullfill our mission: in every household a ukulele and make everyone uked. And now we have published our book in English.

With this book we want you to get uked too! We’ll show you simple steps that’ll get you on your way, even if you’ve never picked up a musical instrument in your life. Within just one weekend, you’ll be able to play your first songs, and you’ll learn techniques that are cool enough to last you a lifetime.

Neither of us has a musical background. Actually, we don’t know the first thing about music. That’s not an apology, but a recommendation.

We. Make. Simple.

We won’t hesitate to change chords, if that’s what it takes to make a song easier to play. We’ll cheat whenever with chords and strumming if that’s more comfortable. And if someone with a serious classical music background freaks out and says, ‘Oh but you’re playing an F-sharp-whatchamacallitwhen it’s meant to be a minor third!’ (so to speak), then we just shrug it off and think ‘okay ,whatever’and go on playing it our way.

We’d rather excite people than complicate things.

There are so many people out there who have lost their dream along the way or who no longer enjoy making music. We want to give that back, both the dream and the fun in making music. And the ukulele is the perfect instrument for doing exactly that. It’s accessible, encouraging and totally forgiving.

We’re here to get you uked

Liselotte & Barbara

we're here to get you uked.

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